Photographer /Catholic speaker/ Traveler/ Teacher 

Pizza Enthusiast 

Based out of the Tri-State Area. (NY/NJ)

Josh Rosa is a middle school teacher, youth minister, one of the founders of Agnus Dei ministry, Published Author, catholic speaker, passionate follower of Christ, and at a very tight 2nd of importance to all of that, a devout pizza enthusiast. 

Over the last 8 years of ministry Josh has been blessed to travel around the country as a dynamic speaker sharing the word and love of Jesus to youth, young adults, and adults alike. He has also been very fortunate to work along side some amazing organization like Young Life, Lifeteen, Esne, and countless others working to spread the gospel! 

Out of the passion of finding beauty in the world this devotion to photography flourished. 

As important as it may be to 'capture the moment' it is far more important to share the heart of it.. thats why

 'Ex Animo' has been the slogan that has driven this passion which means: 'Sincerely; From the heart' in latin. 

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