The ‘Divine spark’

The vocation to create is one we all share… 


So I have always been the person that would randomly (and now with-out an ounce of shame) stop to take a picture of the pretty flower or the beautiful sunset, or the random piece of trash on the ledge of plant bed that for some reason had a deeper meaning in my mind than in most…. .

I discerned something long ago.. If God had put in my heart to find beauty and share it, why was I ashamed to do it publicly? 


What’s the answer for most of us? 

An interesting mix of approval and fear of rejection. 

‘Those who perceive in themselves the kind of divine spark which is the artistic vocation … feel at the same time the obligation not to waste this talent’ 
St. John Paul ll


Let’s be real, our human condition is one that desires to be approved of, even included. It comes from that natural pull to communion with one another that by the world’s lens, has been watered down and changed from a call to union to a life of disunion.. its no coincidence looking at the state of the world today … but thats for another post… 

The truth is that we now look at what we can do (or cant do) through the judgment of others and not through the gifting we have received. We are afraid to be artistic or to even explore these gift’s God has given us out of the fear of rejection or the need for validation. GOD HAS NOT GIVEN YOU A GIFT FOR OTHERS TO VALIDATE BUT FOR YOU TO KNOW HIM DEEPER THROUGH THEM. 

I remember speaking to my 8th graders about this particular calling in our lives … How as we were created by the creator, we were given the gift of creating… God makes himself known through the beauty of creation. 


‘For since the creation of the world God’s invisible qualities—his eternal power and divine nature—have been clearly seen, being understood from what has been made, so that people are without excuse.’ - Romans 1:20 


But even then … knowing that this is a way God makes himself known to us, a lot of us struggle with finding that creative gifting in us, looking for our gifting to match someone else’s (or worse to instantly be at the level of someone else who has spent years cultivating that gift! )





So how do we discern this …

What’s that one thing that you just love doing

It isn’t a ‘job’ for you it’s something you honestly feel free in. 

It’s not that you had special training, it’s that you had special desire. 

The form of  creative expression that God has inspired in you, isn’t always the one that you’re ‘the best’ at, in fact it should honestly have nothing to do with being great at it and everything to do with being free with it. 

1. Is this just because I see people making money off of it or because I genuinely have interest? 

2. Am I willing to commit to the process of ‘trial and error’? 

3. Is there a purpose for this thing in my life? 

Ultimately how you answer these things should help you figure out what your creative gifting is.

Here comes the struggle most face however.. Answering #2 we’re so ready to quit after a solid week of not being immediately a super star… We want to be perfect out of the gate and become frustrated with it. 

You are more capable than you understand.. you do not have an inability issue you have a commitment issue.

If it were that simple it would never feel rewarding to do. 

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